Tim Wake Memorial Park

Tim Wake Memorial Park is a carefully planned green-space intended to serve today's wellness needs. Highlights include:

+ a preserved Great Plains Shelterbelt, which has provided environmental benefits for generations. The various mature trees provide a unique benefit for a new neighborhood.

+ three acres of mature trees and native, sustainable plantings and landscaping which will provide habitat for wildlife, clean the water and air, and enhance the value of Fairway Woods homes.

+ the Dick O'Dell Memorial Trail, providing tree shaded wellness opportunities and connectivity for Fairway Woods. This trail is intended to connect to the Seward Community Golf Course and the Seward walking trail loop in the future.

+ playground equipment coordinated with the wooded setting and allowing all ages to enjoy this outdoor space.

+ an attractive picnic shelter for gatherings with family and friends.

+ an ADA accessible walking path and playground equipment.

Park amenities...

The City of Seward completed installation of the playground equipment and picnic shelter in 2020. The state-of-the-art playground equipment was funded jointly by the City of Seward and the Wake Charitable Foundation.

Playground Equipment

Picnic Shelter

Dick O'Dell Memorial Trail

Special thanks...

Special thanks to Karen O'Dell and family for their generous donation of the Marimba musical instrument! Karen donated the Marimba in memory of her husband Dick O'Dell, who was a long-time member of the Seward Lumber Board of Directors and an original member of the Fairway Woods Development Group.

Donation to the City of Seward

Bob Core, City of Seward Parks & Recreation Department

Karen O'Dell, Donor

O'Dell family, as pictured from left to right:

David & Kristin Owen (Daughter), Kaylee O'Dell (Granddaughter), Karen O'Dell, Brandon O'Dell (Grandson), Kathie & Brian O'Dell (Son)