When you walk the tree-lined streets of Seward’s older neighborhoods, you will recognize homes of this style built from 1900 to 1930. The architecture of these homes is clean, simple, and understandable. The homes have detailed design concepts with affordable elements. The Craftsman architecture was a change in direction from the expensive and complex details of the previously popular Victorian home. Recently, the Craftsman style home has become very popular with new homeowners, because they appreciate the nostalgic feel with a modern floor plan. Craftsman style homes have strong design principles and deep American roots. When Craftsman style was developed, garages were not an important design element of the home. Possible garage locations are indicated in the Garage Location Diagrams for each of the various lot sizes.

A Craftsman style home built in Fairway Woods should have AT LEAST FIVE of the following exterior design elements:

+ One story or one and one-half story with rooms under the roof slope

+ Exposed structural elements in the eaves such as rafter tails and corbels

+ Shallow-pitched roofs with deep overhangs

+ Deep front porches with large supporting columns

+ A mixture of materials such as shingle siding, brick, and/or horizontal siding

+ Double-hung windows grouped together with 3.5 inch or 5.5-inch-wide trim board surrounds

+ Tapered box columns on brick or stone bases

+ Asymmetrical entry placement

The Neighborhood at Fairway Woods

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