Our cities grew within the confines of block and lot subdivisions. The larger lots were typically on the corners of each block. The homes on these corners represented a style that had many of the same characteristics of the elements associated with the homes of the “Old Country” and were made of more durable materials, like brick and stone. The French Country home style can translate well from the smaller one and one-half story to the Tudor mansion. Seward’s older neighborhoods have many homes in this French Country style.

When French Country style was developed, garages were not an important design element of the home. Possible garage locations are indicated in the Garage Location Diagrams for each of the various lot sizes.

A French Country style home built in Fairway Woods should have AT LEAST FIVE of the following exterior design elements:

+ Steep cross-gabling

+ Steeply pitched rooflines that may extend to the first level with a gradual change in pitch

+ Simple timber or faux timber frame accents

+ Multipane casement windows

+ Front-walled courtyards rather than front porches

+ Horizontal siding or shingle siding at the top of the gabled end

+ Brick and stone over the entire gabled end

+ Prominent chimney

The Neighborhood at Fairway Woods

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