The Farmhouse style is an identifiable style in the older neighborhoods of Seward and in the surrounding farm country of Seward County. The Farmhouse style is unpretentious, straight-forward, and functional. The style is based on proportions rather than decorations. The style can be very eclectic, borrowing from many regional styles, but it is usually the least decorated and the simplest of the three architectural styles of Fairway Woods.

When the Farmhouse style was developed, garages were not an important design element of the home. Possible garage locations are indicated in the Garage Location Diagrams for each of the various lot sizes.

A Farmhouse style home built in Fairway Woods should have AT LEAST FOUR of the following exterior design elements:

+ Steeply pitched roofs with cross-gabling

+ Porch columns without architectural bases

+ Tall double-hung windows with stutters sized to look as though they close over the entire window

+ Wood or faux wood shingle siding horizontal siding

+ Two story roofs with rooms under the steeply gabled roof

+ Rambling add-a-wing construction; can be symmetrical, if desired

The Neighborhood at Fairway Woods

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