The Homes

Fairway Woods has provided Restrictive Covenants and a Design Code to ensure that the value of your new home and neighborhood are preserved over time. The Design Code is an important requirement of Fairway Woods. The three permitted home styles are Craftsman, Farmhouse, and French Country. All three of these architectural styles are distinctive yet blend well in a streetscape. Many floor plans and exterior elevations are available within each of the three styles. These three styles work well with a variety of home sizes. Coordinated, historical home styles are an intentional feature of Fairway Woods. These requirements result in visual continuity within Fairway Woods as you walk down the tree-lined streets.

The Garages

The homes in Fairway Woods will have another distinctive architectural feature, as all three home styles require the garages to be designed and located so they are not the main architectural element of the home. This is a unique requirement of Fairway Woods that is visually different from the “garage door streetscape” of typical, newly developed neighborhoods.

The Treescape

The older neighborhoods of Seward have mature trees that provide a lovely canopy over the sidewalks and streets. At Fairway Woods, preservation of mature tress has been a priority, and plans require additional tree plantings.

The Park

Within Phase 1, a 3 acre public city park was developed. This wonderful amenity provides an 8-foot–wide concrete trail that is perfect for walking and biking. The park also has a picnic shelter and state-of-the-art playground equipment. The mature trees provide a shaded canopy for all your family’s park activities. Preserving the established shelter belt was a high priority for the developers, which led to the naming of Fairway Woods.